S.T.V. Qravel

The student tennis association of Leiden

About us

We are Qravel, an active, sporty, student tennis association. Tennis is highly valued among us, but socializing is also a priority. Both beginners and advanced players find their place in our association. We regularly attend external tournaments organized by other tennis associations throughout the country. Additionally, we participate in competitions every year. Besides our sport activities, we also have many other events. For example, an annual Christmas dinner, a members' weekend, and a ski trip. These activities are organized by various committees.

Tennis at every level

We organize many tournaments and have a club night every other week. We also participate in competitions and have a ladder competition. At our club, you can take tennis lessons at any level. Plenty of sporting activities to fill an entire year!


At Qravel, you meet many new people from different study programs and student associations. That's what makes it so enjoyable with us! No mandatory activities and a lot of fun!


From parties to competitions and from drinks to tournaments: there's always something going on at Qravel. Additionally, we organize a ski trip every year!


We often visit external tournaments and activities organized by other student tennis associations. This way, you can also meet students from other cities!

In short: Are you looking for an active and sporty association? Then Qravel is the right fit for you!

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