About S.T.V. Qravel

S.T.V. Qravel has been the student tennis association of Leiden since 1984. With over 500 members, we are one of the largest student tennis associations in Leiden!
At our association, you have the opportunity to play tennis at every level. Both beginners and advanced players find their place with us. We are a sporty association that organizes club nights every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Additionally, we offer training sessions so you can learn and improve your tennis skills. For advanced players, we offer selection training. In addition to recreational tennis, Qravel participates in the spring, fall, and winter competitions every year. Qravel members show their tennis skills both regionally and nationally. We regularly attend external tournaments organized by our sister associations throughout the country. Finally, we have our own Open Tournament, a family tournament, a New Year's tournament, club championships, and a ladder competition.
In addition to these sporting activities, Qravel also offers many other activities. There is the annual Christmas dinner, a members' weekend, the ski trip and visits to the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. Qravel also organizes two open parties each year, which attract many students. Furthermore, we have a drink at our local pub once a month. Plenty of activities to keep you busy throughout the year.

What we offer

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A student tennis association for all levels

Your membership includes registration with the KNLTB. This allows you to participate in national competitions with fellow students at your own level.

    One year membership for €45
    A KNTLB registration
    Easily connect with students at your own tennis level

Tennis activities

Qravel offers a wide variety of tennis activities throughout the year.

    Open Tournament
    Club championships
    Dutch Student Championships
    Participate in student tennis tournaments
    Qlub nights
    Training sessions
    Participation in national or regional competitions


Additionally, social activities are organized throughout the year.

    Members' weekend
    Ski trip
    First years' activities
    Christmas dinner


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