Welcome to the website of S.T.V. Qravel, the students’ tennis club in Leiden!

Welcome also to our lovely city and university, where hopefully you will have an inspirational and fun time studying, exploring, and socializing. If you enjoy playing tennis, you might want to join our club. 

About Qravel

At Qravel you have the possibility to play tennis at your own pace. We accommodate all levels of play, from beginners (<1 year) to very advanced players (started in their cradle). For all involved, the most important thing is to have fun together, on and off the courts.
Within Qravel we play competition during the whole year (except summer) on the ProBounce courts of the University Sport Center (http://www.uscleiden.com). Besides this we take part in many tournaments in the vicinity of Leiden and in other Dutch cities, where both tennis and parties are of importance! Qravel itself organizes two tournaments: the Club championships in June and the Qravel Open tournament in August. 

But Qravel is much more than only tennis! Every first and third Tuesday we meet at the pub ‘De Storm to have a drink and discuss our progress in tennis, debate the weakness of the Federer backhand and other important issues. This is also the perfect opportunity to meet fellow Qravelaars and make appointments for playing a game of tennis. 

However, during the year a bunch of other activities are organized as well: you could show everyone your best suit or dress during the Christmas dinner, race from the white mountains at the wintersport or join us during one of the BBQ sessions… there’s always something to do!


Of course, the most important thing is the tennis team competition where we compete in the national and regional championships organized by the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB). These championships are for tennis players of all levels and ages, and you could meet a twelve-year-old prodigy or a forty-year-old, sweaty local with a beer-belly and an excellent slice backhand (of course our technical committee will make sure all players are placed in a team that matches their skills). So do you want to learn more about the Dutch culture, no better wat to do that than to join a competition team. Anyhow, the days are filled with healthy competition and a lot of support, sunshine and laughter. When you are placed in a team or join up as a reserve player, Qravel will provide an extra hour of training every week.


Joining Qravel means that you will meet plenty of new people. We value enthusiastic people who share our love for the combination of tennis and socializing, and welcome you with open arms!

Membership of Qravel only costs €35 a year. In any case you will need a University Sports Card, which can be purchased at the USC. If you do not yet play tennis, we advise you to enroll in the tennis lessons offered by the USC. We also offer tennis lessons, so once you've started and are enjoying it, then is the right time to join us!

Let us know that you are interested in joining us by sending an email to our Executive Board at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..We will inform you about how to subscribe.

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